Frequently Asked Questions

What should I wear? Long pants and closed toed shoes are recommended, but not required.

Do we get to go on the beach? Yes! In fact, Oahu Horseback Rides is the only trail ride on Oahu that goes on the beach!

Can I take pictures? Guides can take pictures for you if you bring a small camera at no extra charge.

Where will we be riding? Along the beach and up and down Oahu’s infamous North Shore.

What kind of horses will we be riding? Polo horses; thoroughbred, quarterhorse, or a mix.

How long is the ride?Ā The ride is between 60-90 minutes and varies based on group sizes and how individual horses move.

Do I need any previous horse riding experience? No.

What if I have medical problems (heart issues, back problems, etc.)? You must be physically able to ride and stay on a horse safely (in extreme cases it is staff decision). Let us know if you have any issues.

How old do my kids have to be to ride? At least eight years old.

Maximum weight to ride? 250 lbs.

Do you provide transportation? No.

I am staying in town / Waikiki / Honolulu and will be driving. When should I leave? Traffic depending, it would be safe to leave an hour to an hour and a half before check-in time (30 minutes prior to activity start time).

Do you have directions? They are located at the bottom of the website.