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Hawaii Polo Trail Rides

O’ahu Horseback Riding In North Shore

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Bestselling Horseback Riding in Hawaii

Discover the charm of horseback riding on Oahu in two stunning locales! Our oceanfront beach riding allows you to take in the serene sound of waves, gentle sea breezes, and the beauty of Oahu sands, creating an idyllic setting for a romantic outing or a family adventure. Alternatively, our mountain top trail experience invites you to savor breathtaking mountain vistas, crisp mountain air, and a deep connection with Oahu’s inland tranquility”

Oceanfront Ride

Mountain Vista Ride

Enjoy Our Spectacular OCEANFRONT Horseback Tours

Take in spectacular views of the ocean and catch a glimpse of sea turtles, whales, and even Hawaiian monk seals who all frequent the area in season!

Oceanfront Horseback Riding In Hawaii: Oahu & Honolulu

Unlike your typical landlocked ranch trail rides, experience an unforgettable tour of horseback riding in Oahu along the breathtaking coast of North Shore with our expert guides! This amazing opportunity to ride the finest polo ponies offers an experience not found anywhere else in Hawaii!

Whether you want to enjoy the scenery or want to learn the art of polo, we have a package that’s perfect for you. Join us and enjoy the scenic beauty of the oceanfront with our Oahu horseback riding tours!

Over 800 Five-Star Reviews of our O’ahu Horseback Riding Tours!

Thank You!

"Thank you to Adrian & Alex! Wonderful ride! Right along beach path! I was very happy with their TLC for each one of us. Special thanks to Adrian for your family's help!"

– Debs B. | Tripadvisor
Relaxing Ride

"Got to see some beautiful scenery and had a very relaxed ride. Ran across some turtles got tons of great pictures too. The staff was very accommodating knowledgeable and helpful."

– Bill A. | Tripadvisor
Best Trail Ride Ever

"I experienced the best trail ride ever at Dillingham with LaTisha as my guide. The views are like none other along the beaches, riding as close to the ocean as the law will allow."

– B.P. | Tripadvisor
Ride Along The Ocean

"The views and ocean breeze is beautiful. Overall we really enjoyed the experience. Would recommend for inexperienced riders looking for a calm flat ride with ocean views."

– Lisa H. | Tripadvisor